The second adventure

France, 1794.  The Terror enters its second year.  The only way France can feed her massive armies is to invade neighbouring lands.

The 24th Chasseurs a Cheval (mounted hunters), a French light cavalry regiment, has been baptised by fire at the siege of Toulon the previous year.  Veteran cavalry officer Captain Andre Jobert leads his company, the 2nd Company of the 24th Chasseurs a Cheval, in their second campaign, joining a French infantry division in the steep and barren passes of the Maritime Alps.

Duty on a Lesser Front is the second of many adventures Jobert and his chasseurs face as the
Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars continue over the next twenty years.  Join Jobert's company as they lead the French army into a foreign land for the first time against the battle-hardened forces of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

What's happening with Book 2

A Kickstarter campaign has now successfully concluded raising 128% of the funds needed to publish Book 2.

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Publishing is now complete and Book 2 will be released  very soon.

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