The third adventure


France, 1796. The Terror is at an end. The Directory has replaced the Committee of Public Safety.

Major Jobert and the 24th Chasseurs à Cheval languish on the Italian frontier near starvation, their uniforms in rags, pay in arrears, they and their beloved horses threatened with contagion at every turn, pinned between the armies of the Austria and Piedmont and the British navy.

Suddenly their new commander arrives, the fifth general in two years. This slim twenty-six-year-old major general is none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, future Emperor of France. This boy-general is about to achieve in twelve months what no French commander has achieved in four previous years, the expulsion of the mighty Austrian Empire from northern Italy.

Another New General is the third of the many adventures Jobert and his chasseurs face as the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars continue over the next twenty years. In this adventure, the reader joins Jobert’s squadron as they lead Bonaparte’s rag-tag legion over the Maritime Alps into the lush valleys of Piedmont and Lombardy.

What's happening with Book 3

I'm writing it.  

I started in late January 2019, and at a chapter every two weeks, at approximately twenty chapters, I should be complete by late-October 2019.

Following a Kickstarter campaign to get it published, and four months to publish the book in print and e-versions, Book 3 should be available by 1 March 2020.